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Dr. John W. Phelts, D.C.

New York, NY chiropractor, Dr. John W. Phelts, DC, is one of the best chiropractors in the Midtown area specializing in chiropractic care and applied kinesiology. Dr. John W. Phelts has been a licensed chiropractor since 2003. As a former bodybuilder, he is very passionate about fitness, nutrition, and optimal health. His google reviews speak for the effectiveness of his treatments.

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Our Approach


Effective Pain Relief and Accelerated Recovery from Musculoskeletal Conditions

Dr. John Phelts specializes in providing innovative and effective treatments for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions including neck, back and shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and ankle disorders. He boasts a proven track record of speedily restoring his patients' health, surprising them with how swiftly they experience relief from their discomfort.

"How do Dr. Phelts' patients recover so speedily and maintain their improved health?" You may wonder.

The Key to Accelerated Recovery: A Comprehensive Approach

Let's explore this with an example. Consider a sprained ankle - a commonplace injury. Dr. Phelts understands that such an injury extends beyond the strained or sprained ligaments or muscles.

A joint, such as the ankle, comprises two bones bound together by ligaments and maneuvered by muscles. Ligaments prevent joint dislocation while muscles enable joint movement. Therefore, true recovery must entail more than simply strengthening the muscles surrounding the joint. It also necessitates the optimization of the bones' alignment - muscles function optimally when this alignment is correct. Likewise, ligaments bear less stress and cause less pain when the bones are well-aligned.

Let's not forget about the nerves, either. These vital structures instruct the muscles and therefore, must also be addressed. Pressure or inflammation on a nerve can negatively impact the associated muscle. Acknowledging this, Dr. Phelts' holistic technique addresses the ligaments, bones, muscles, and nerves concurrently. This integrated approach contributes to faster healing and swift pain relief.

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Comprehensive Applied Kinesiology

Dr. John Phelts is certified by the International College of Applied Kinesiology and leverages the unique technique of Applied Kinesiology to thoroughly examine and improve your health. This method involves conducting muscle testing to evaluate the wellbeing of various muscles, joints, organs and bodily systems.

Muscle testing serves as a diagnostic tool identifying dysfunction in the patient's body and the appropriate treatment needed to restore function..

Dr. John Phelts' approach may include treatments encompassing:

  • Meridian/Acupoints/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Strategic stimulation of these points to promote overall health and wellness.
  • Pulse Points Enhancement: Certain pulse points are treated to boost blood circulation to specified muscles and organs to enhance their function.
  • Stress Management: Many individuals tend to carry stress in certain body parts, like the shoulders, lower back or stomach. The targeted treatment of stress points and acupoints facilitates the release of this accumulated tension.
  • Spinal Adjustments: Gentle chiropractic adjustments can bring significant relief to those suffering from neck and low back pain, heartburn / reflux, asthma, chronic ear infections, and more.

Those who can potentially benefit from Applied Kinesiology include individuals dealing with allergies, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and those feeling generally fatigued.

Take a leap towards optimized health and wellbeing with Dr. John Phelts' expert application of kinesiology techniques.

Functional Medicine

Laboratory blood tests, Urine tests, and Saliva tests are used to help evaluate your health. Markers for Cholesterol, Diabetes, Infection, Inflammation, Thyroid function, Kidney function, Urinary Tract health, Hormone balance, Allergies, Gastrointestinal function, Sleep function, Anemia, Cardiovascular Health.

Natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs are recommended based on the laboratory findings to improve your health. Lifestyle recommendations including diet, exercise are also applied. Patients are amazed at how they can manage things like high blood pressure, diabetes, urinary tract infections, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, hormone problems, etc. without medication or depending less on medication.

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Body Contouring


As an applied kinesiologist, functional medicine practitioner and chiropractor, he uses a "whole person approach" when taking care of his patients. He often states that he does not treat injuries or disease, instead he instead treats people who have injuries and disease. Be assured that Dr. Phelts is able to help you to greatly accelerate and maintain your journey to good health. Don't just take our word for it; check out his Google Reviews to see what his patients have to say.

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