Allergy Treatments


Dr. Phelts has studied many different allergy treatments.  He only kept those, which he has found effective and "threw away the rest.".  This resulted in a high success rate in his allergy treatments. 

A patient usually knows what she or he is allergic to.  Of, course we test to confirm those allergies.   We also test a myriad of other allergens the patient might be allergic to, but is not aware of it.  These other "minor" allergens can contribute to the severity of a person's reaction to their "major" allergens.  The testing is non-invasive, quick, and the testing results are immediate.

Once the allergens are identified, we then use non-invasive, drug-free, natural treatments to desensitize your body to that allergen.  We provide treatments for allergies including, but not limited to:

Foods (nuts, fruits, eggs, vegetables)
Pollens (trees, grass, ragweed, weeds)
Animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, horses0
Fragrances, Mold, Dust, Insect Bites, Pollution, and Topical Skin Care Products 

Depending on the allergen, the treatments may include the use of: acupressure points; meridian points; lymphatic reflex points; Applied Kinesiology reflex points; spinal mobilization techniques; injury-recall techniques. 

It may take 1 - 6 treatments to resolve allergies, depending on the number and severity of the allergies.  Our treatments tend to be less costly and more effective than other allergy treatments available.

Dr. Phelts knows full well that these treatments work.  He has benefited from these treatments for allergies to chocolate, peanuts, pollen, and mosquito bites.


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