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31 May 2023

Metabolic Xtra: The Supplement That Will Help You Achieve Normal Glucose, Cholesterol, and Triglyceride Levels

Metabolic Xtra contains ingredients to improve glucose, and cholesterol. Dr. Phelts recommends it to many of his patients in his Manhattan office..

24 May 2023

Use This Method To Strengthen Teeth

There is a debate on how to best strengthen teeth. This method incorporates both methods. Read to find out the most effective way to strengthen your teeth.

11 May 2023

Two Ways To Reduce Low Back Pain From Sitting

Pain from sitting at work. Try these two solutions to eliminate back pain

02 May 2023

Low Back Pain From Sitting While You Work? Try This Simple Device

Prolonged sitting is bad for the discs of your low back and SI Joints. Using this device while you work can significantly reduce you sitting time.

24 April 2023

The Kneeling Chair Is Best For Low Back Pain Issues

This is the best type of chair to sit on for less stress on the low back. Some say that it has cured their low back. Great for those with disc and sacroiliac.