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How Antioxidants Prevent Age Related Diseases


Antioxidants are substances that are naturally made by the body and they prevent the following: premature aging, reduce the risk of developing cancer, protect your heart, protect your eyes from degeneration, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, prevent arthritis, and lower the risk of infection. They do these things by neutralizing harmful substances in our bodies called free radicals.

Free radicals are oxidized molecules in our bodies that damage our cells and can come from within the body or from the environment. The body must maintain a balance between the free radicals that it produces and the antioxidants that defend against them. When the body is unable to maintain that balance, unchecked free radicals can cause damage to the body's tissues.

Free Radicals from Within the Body
Free radicals are formed in the body during normal metabolic processes like when the body is injured, inflamed, or fighting an infection. During these times, the body needs extra antioxidant support to deal with the increased free radical production.

Free Radicals from the Environment:
Free radicals can come from exposure to pollution, X-rays, alcohol, tobacco smoke, fried foods, heavy metals, industrial solvents, pesticides, certain drugs, paracetamol, and radiation. Exposure to any of these substances on a regular basis increases your body’s need for antioxidant support.

Why do we want to Limit Free Radicals?
Free radical are associated with many age-related diseases and degeneration of the body. “Research suggests that free radical damage to cells leads to the pathological changes associated with aging. [2]” For example:



Blood Vessels



Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis


Osteoarthritis, Degenerative joint disease of the spine


Premature Aging of skin


Premature aging of hair


Macular Degeneration, Cataracts


Breast, Prostate, Lung, or Colon cancer

The human body is in a constant fight to keep from aging. Research cited in the July 2010 issue of Pharmacognosy Review cites research that shows that “…. nutritional antioxidants will retard the aging process and prevent disease. [2]

Choosing A Nutritional Antioxidant Supplement
When choosing an antioxidant supplement, you want to make sure it:

  • Has a high ORAC value. Antioxidant strength is measured in units called ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) and the higher the ORAC score, the stronger the antioxidant support. The average person in the US. consumes about 1,200 ORAC units daily.
  • Is made from whole foods and not synthetically manufactured.
  • Contains antioxidants that can cross the blood-brain barrier and the blood-eye barrier for protection of the brain and eyes. Astaxanthin and lutein are antioxidants that are capable of this.
  • Contains glycine, which the body can use to make its own antioxidant; glutathione

All of these factors can be found in Fs & Vs Immune Blend , an antioxidant drink mix containing 28 dried fruits and vegetables with an ORAC value of at least 3000 per serving (10.83 g). 

How do you know if you have an antioxidant imbalance?  At his mid-town Manhattan office, Dr. John Phelts, D.C. performs a simple sniff test to determine if you need antioxidant support.  Then he makes recommendations based on the test results.  If you would like to be tested call our office in the 10017 and 10016 zip code at (212) 286-2012





New York Chiropractic Care for Headache

New York neck pain and headache treatment

There are many different kinds of headache, but one of the most common types is known as "cervicogenic headache," or those that start in your neck.

Dr. Phelts sees a lot of patients in our New York office who are suffering with frequent, reoccurring headaches. Thankfully, chiropractic adjustments can often help, potentially reducing these types of headaches by 50%, and research confirms it.

Research Proves Chiropractic Helps With Cervicogenic Headaches

A study was conducted involving 80 participants who reported experiencing at least five cervicogenic headaches during the prior three months. The objective was to see how effective chiropractic was for this type of head pain, as well as to determine the number of treatment sessions required to achieve a positive effect.

The patients were divided into four separate groups, so that each group was similar in age, gender, number of cervicogenic headaches, and their intensity. Of the four groups, two engaged in chiropractic treatments and two received light massage. Furthermore, one group assigned to each treatment received eight sessions and the other group received double that amount.

Each patient was assessed based on head pain, neck pain, and disability prior to the study and 12 and 24 weeks after treatment was complete. The authors found that those who received chiropractic as opposed to massage reported fewer headaches at the conclusion of the study. Furthermore, improvements were maintained when checked six months after treatment ended.

Additionally, individuals who were taking medications for their headaches were able to lower their intake after completing the study. Those who received chiropractic had lower medication usage 24 weeks post-study.

We Can Help Patients Find Comfort From Head Pain

Dr. Phelts has helped many people who were suffering from headaches in our New York office. Call us today at (212) 286-2012 for more information or for an appointment.


Haas M, Spegman A, Peterson D, Aickin M, Vavrek D. Dose response and efficacy of spinal manipulation for chronic cervicogenic headache: a pilot randomized controlled trial. The Spine Journal 2010; 10: 117-128.


Combating Tendonitis and Arthritis

Are you someone who lived a very active lifestyle and now you are not as active or not at all?  Is the reason for your decreased activity level, because of aches and pains related to exercise?  Does it seem that you are now prone to tendonitis and bursitis every time you engage in any type of physical activity?  Does it feel like the years of wear and tear you put on your body has finally caught up to you?  If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then continue reading.

If you want to return to being active, there are principles you must understand:

  1. Vigorous activities like running and wieght training cause micro damage to your joints and tendons. 
  2.  Your body needs 1) time and 2) certain nutrients (building materials) to repair the damage.
  3.  If the rate of damage exceeds the rate of repair, your joints and tendons will slowly degenerate over time.  This can lead to the development of arthritis, tendonitis, and/or bursitis.  Eventually, they will manifest as pain. These conditions can take days, weeks, or decades to develop. 

If you want to return to a fitness lifestyle, you must give your body the building blocks needed to maintain and repair its joints and tendons. These nutrients can be found in a supplement called Collatrix.  Collatrix contains ingredients that the body uses to maintain joint and tendon elasticity, lubrication, repair and protection. 

I used to suffer from tendonitis in my elbows and knees and I avoided some of my favorite exercises, because of it.  As a result, my workouts were less productive and enjoyable.  My workouts became more about avoiding pain and injury, than setting goals and breaking personal records.  After searching for a solution, I began taking Collatrix three years ago and the results have been amazing.  I can do my favorite exercises again with no apprehension, or discomfort.  I am once again excited about my workouts, because I can go “all out” and aggressively reach for my goals.  To learn more about Collatrix click here.

When I evaluate my patients at my mid-town Manhattan office, I perform a simple test to see if Collatrix would be beneficial to them.  I also test to see what their optimal dose would be.  If you are near the Grand Central, Murray Hill, 10016, 10017, 0r 10018 area, give us a call 212-286-2012.  We would be happy to test and see if Collatrix is right for you.


Dr. Phelts Fitness Supplements: Sito-Plex

Dr. John Phelts DC of Phelts Chiropractic PC in Mid-town Manhattan and the Grand Central area, is a fitness enthusiast and takes the fitness lifestyle seriously.  He takes certain supplements to complement his fitness lifestyle and to optimize its benefits.  He likes to share advice on which supplements his patients, at his 10016 office, should take, depending on their goals.

Research shows that high intensity resistance training is correlated with an increased release of testosterone into the blood stream.  Testosterone has many benefits:

  1. increased mean muscle mass
  2.  increased libido
  3. increased energy
  4. improved sense of wellbeing

However, the body will convert a portion of testosterone into another hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  DHT has many benefits and is a necessary hormone, but it has no effect on muscle.  Research shows that the body converts 10%-15% of testosterone into DHT.  It also reveals that people who are balding or have thinning hair convert 20%-30% into DHT.  This can cut into the benefits that you would receive from the testosterone surge from your workout.

To maximize the testosterone benefits, Dr. Phelts wants to limit the conversion of Testosterone into DHT.  Sito-Plex is a supplement designed to do just that.  Sito-Plex contains a high concentration of Beta-Sitosterol.  Beta-Sitosterol is a plant hormone that inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT.  It is naturally found in pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, and saw palmetto berries.  Dr Phelts takes 2 Sito-Plex capsules 30 minutes before a workout.  This ensures that Beta-Sitosterol is in his blood stream while his testosterone levels are elevated.  He then, takes another two capsules 30 minutes after his workout. 

Beta-Sitosterol has other benefits such as lowering cholesterol, reducing hair loss, improving prostate function, and improving acne. 

Dr. Phelts uses Applied Kinesiology to test whether Sito-Plex would be a good fit for his patients.  Give is a call (212) 286-2012.  We serve the 10016,10017, and 10018 zip codes.


Chiropractic Found to Be "Safe and Helpful" for Disc Herniation

New York non-surgical disc herniation treatmentDr. Phelts sees many patients weekly in our busy New York chiropractic office who are looking for relief from the pain and distress they feel due to herniated discs. Our experience isn't unique; the medical literature verifies that chiropractic care is a successful way to treat herniated disc pain.

Don't Suffer! Dr. Phelts and Chiropractic Care Helps With Disc Herniation

One particular research project involved 27 people, 8 male and 19 female, who had magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) confirming a disc herniation in either their neck or lower back. The people reported that they were experiencing pain, limited range of motion, and sensory issues bad enough to keep them off work.

During the course of the research period, the individuals were treated using one of two common chiropractic methods: traction for herniated discs in the cervical area or flexion distraction for the patients who had herniation issues in the lumbar area.

Each individual was treated four or five times per week for the first two weeks, then three times each week, and then as needed for the remainder of the study. Depending on the seriousness of the disc herniation, treatment ranged anywhere from six weeks to six months, with MRIs being performed at various stages to identify what impact, if any, the chiropractic care was having in regard to the disc herniation.

Research Proves Chiropractic Helps With Back Pain and Herniated Disc

The investigators reported that 80 percent of the patients experienced a "good clinical outcome," meaning reduced pain and a reduction in other symptoms, such as numbness. Additionally, 77 percent of these subjects also showed MRI evidence that their disc herniation was either reduced or resolved completely. This resulted in 78 percent of the study subjects being able to return to their place of work and led the authors to conclude that chiropractic adjustments is both "safe and helpful" for disc herniations.

If you have a herniated disc and suffer from chronic back pain and are near Dr. Phelts in New York, contact our office today to see what chiropractic can do for you!

BenEliyahu, DJ. Magnetic resonance imaging and clinical follow-up: study of 27 patients receiving chiropractic care for cervical and lumbar disc herniations. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 1996;19(9):597-606.


Avoid Back Surgery With Chiropractic

New York chiropractic back pain treatmentIn our New York office, we see many patients who are suffering from back pain, and a few of these patients have been told they might need surgery to recover. Fortunately, Dr. Phelts has helped many people get pain relief without the need for any type of surgical treatment. The science confirms the success we see in our office. One medical study published in the academic journal Spine found that seeing a chiropractor as your first move in overcoming with your back issues may actually keep you out of the operating room.

In this scientific study, medical researchers from Dartmouth reviewed data from about 1,900 workers from the state of Washington who first saw either a surgeon or a chiropractor for their back-related issues. They then looked at three years' worth of follow-up medical information to ascertain whether the individuals ended up having back surgery in an effort to correct the issue.

What the researchers discovered was that 42.7% of the patients who first saw a surgeon for their back issues ended up in surgery in that 3-year time span, whereas only 1.5% of those who first consulted with a chiropractor had the same fate. The authors wrote:

"Even after controlling for injury severity and other measures, workers with an initial visit for the injury to a surgeon had almost nine times the odds of receiving lumbar spine surgery compared to those seeing primary care providers, whereas workers whose first visit was to a chiropractor had significantly lower odds of surgery."

These are remarkable results. Consulting with a chiropractor considerably reduces your odds of having back surgery, plus the chiropractic patients in this study "had lower odds of chronic work disability" and they also had fewer expensive MRI tests.

Let's also take note this important detail: this study was performed by orthopedic surgeons from Dartmouth College, and published in the world's most prestigious medical journal on spinal injury.

The Risks of Surgery

Any surgical procedure has risks, but a serious downside associated with spine surgery is that there is a very high failure rate. In an important review in the European Spine Journal, researchers wrote:

"Failed back surgery is a problem that has become sufficiently widespread to even warrant its own special conferences, with recent reviews reporting failure rates ranging from 5 to 50%."

The authors of this same study concluded:

"It is extremely difficult to identify unequivocal predictor factors that can be used to accurately predict the outcome of surgery."

As a chiropractor, Dr. Phelts believes that surgery should be the absolute last choice for treating back pain. Chiropractic care works to restore your spine to its normal function--without high-risk surgery or drugs--and many studies have confirmed the effectiveness of chiropractic for back pain.

If you live in New York and you need relief for your back pain, give our practice a call today at (212) 286-2012 for a consultation or an appointment. We'll help get you back on the road to a pain-free life!


  • Keeney BJ, Fulton-Kehoe D, Turner JA, Wickizer TM, Chan KC, Franklin GM. Early predictors of lumbar spine surgery after occupational back injury: results from a prospective study of workers in Washington State. Spine 2013;38(11):953-964.
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Back Pain and Car Accidents

Back Pain is a common symptom after a car accident, and it's something that Dr. Phelts sees frequently in our New York office. Why is back pain such a common symptom after an auto collision? How can chiropractic care help you recover?

During a rear-end motor vehicle accident, your car and car seat are quickly accelerated forward against your body. Since car seats don't perfectly align with the curvature of your back, the seat can put uneven pressure on your lower back. This can cause some of your spinal vertebrae to move in one direction while an adjacent vertebrae might move in another direction. This differential movement can sprain or strain the tissues that hold your spine together. This type of injury can cause chronic back pain if not treated right away. Thankfully, chiropractic is one of the most effective ways to treat back pain.

Let us help you recover from back pain. Dr. Phelts has helped many patients with the same problem, and we can probably help you, too. The first step is to get an accurate diagnosis to determine what's causing your pain and then we will determine an appropriate treatment approach. Give our office a call today at (212) 286-2012 to make an appointment.



Spring is here!  To some, that statement brings smiles, joy, and excitement.  Tor others, it brings a feeling of apprehension.  They interpret it as, "Allergy season is here!  "  They expect itchy watery eyes, itchy "sneezy" runny nose, and low exhausted energy reserves.  If that is you, you may not have to suffer any longer.  Dr. Phelts provides an allergy treatment using acupressure and certain reflex points to desensitize you to allergy triggers.  Many of his patients have benefited from this treatment and are now enjoying spring, summer and fall the way they want to. 

The technique is safe and non-invasive.  There are no needles or side effects.  It works for seasonal, food, and chemical (e.g. personal hygiene products) allergies.   First, you are tested to see which allergens may be affecting you.  Then, Dr. Phelts applies the treatment to desensitize you to that allergen.  The entire process only takes about 10 minutes to complete. 

We provide this service at our Mid-town Manhattan office.  If you would like to get tested to see if this allergy treatment may work for you, give us a call at 212-286-2012 or mention it at your next visit.  It's time to enjoy the spring again!


You'll Miss Fewer Days of Work with Chiropractic Care

New York Worker Injury Treatment and RecoveryWhen you're trying to sustain your family, take care of your home, and pay all of your bills on time, every day at work counts. Work injuries can be a serious problem for many folks, and we see many of these types of injuries in our New York office. Dr. Phelts appreciates your situation and is here to help.

The benefits of chiropractic for work injuries are well-established. A 2013 research paper involving over 600 adults who were suffering with either back or neck pain found that the individuals who didn't see a chiropractor missed work at twice the rate of those who were seeing a chiropractor.

So, why don't more people use chiropractic care?

According to the respondents in this report, two of the major reasons were that they thought they needed a medical referral for chiropractic care (which is typically no longer true) and they overestimated the costs associated with chiropractic treatment sessions by almost 70 percent.

The reality is, chiropractic patients actually spend less on care than medical patients, plus they are less likely to use drugs for their symptoms.

If you live in New York and you've been injured at work, we can help. Give our office a call today at (212) 286-2012 for an appointment.


"Thousands of Minnesotans with Back and Neck Pain Don't Seek Treatment." (2013, June 12). ChiroCare.


Studies Show Chiropractic Adjustments Effective at Preventing Sports Injuries

We come across a large number of sports injuries in our New York clinic, and Dr. Phelts is usually able to help these athletes. Stanford Children’s Hospital reports that more than 3.5 million children aged 14 and younger are injured each year when playing sports. Add that to the close to 2 million adults injured annually while engaged in sports-related activities, according to statistics collected by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and you can begin to see the importance of minimizing these sorts of widespread injuries. One approach to potentially realize that goal, as reported by a study published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, is to receive routine chiropractic treatments.

In Australian Rules football, hamstring and other leg injuries are common, often sidelining the players and affecting their team's odds of winning. One specific study was conducted using 59 semi-elite Australian Rules footballers to see whether chiropractic could diminish these injuries and help keep them in the game.

For this study specifically, every one of the players received medical treatment. Additionally, half of them also engaged in chiropractic treatments at the rate of one treatment each week for the first six weeks, biweekly treatments for the following three months, and one treatment each month for the remaining three months of the study. The remaining half were given no chiropractic intervention at all and acted as the control group to assess the benefits of chiropractic adjustments.

Following 24 matches, specialists reported a reduced number of lower limb muscle strains in the group that had been given chiropractic care. Additionally, that very group also missed fewer matches connected to non-contact knee injuries. This lead the researchers to conclude that chiropractic ought to be made an addition to sports training programs to dramatically decrease the quantity of leg injuries.

If you or your child are active in sports and you would like to ensure greater time is dedicated on the field versus on the bench, call our New York office at (212) 286-2012 and make an appointment today. We will do our best to keep you in the game!


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