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Hepatitis C Alternative Treatment

In his mid-town Manhattan office, Dr. John W Phelts, D.C. sees patients who have various liver issues.  One of these issues is Hepatitis C.  Hepatitis C is a blood-borne disease which was  discovered in 1989.  Hepatitis C infects the liver and can cause severe liver damage known as cirrhosis.  Most people do not know that they have Hepatitis C, because there are no symptoms.  Symptoms usually do not appear until there is so much liver damage that it begins malfunctioning.  Hepatitis C can be transmitted by sharing needles, blood transfusion, sexual contact with a person who has the virus, and unsterilized needles or equipment in healthcare settings or tattoo needles.  

Symptoms of chronic HCV may include: Dark urine, Fever, Fatigue, Jaundice (Yellowing of the skin), Joint pain.

Testing for HCV is done by first testing the Hepatitis C Antibody test in the blood which usually shows up two to three months after the virus has entered the body.  If that test is positive, then it is followed up with another blood test called HCV viral load to determine if the virus is in the blood stream.  

Other lab tests that should be considered when testing for HCV in the blood are:
• Your liver enzymes, SGPT and SGOT.  (If SGOT is higher than SGPT, this can indicate that damage to the liver is worsening.)  
• Alkaline Phosphatase
• Bilirubin
• Total Protein

Dr. Phelts explains what these tests mean to his patients, because other factors can contribute towards these other lab tests being abnormal. Alcohol consumption, medications, drugs, or Hemochromatosis (high ferritin / iron) can also elevate liver tests.  The most common cause of abnormal tests is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which can affect up to 30 percent of the population. 

Conventional drug recommendations by physicians usually consist of a combination therapy of two to three types of medications.  These medications can be used anywhere from 12-48 weeks.6 Blood tests are done during drug therapy to see if they are working.  These medications come with many side effects like anxiety, fatigue, headache, birth defects, high blood pressure, reduced thyroid function, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, just to name a few.  Did you know that this current standard of treatment only has a 50 percent success rate?

Dr. Phelts provides natural alternative therapy using vitamins that have been documented by research.  Vitamin D: Vitamin D is a key nutrient that supports the immune system and helps reduce inflammation.  Many studies have identified that patients diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis C are deficient in Vitamin D. One study showed that out of 118 subjects diagnosed with HCV, 92% of them were deficient in Vitamin D.  Research supports taking Vitamin D during conventional drug therapy of Hepatitis C, because it improves the viral response.

Silymarin/Milk Thistle: Silymarin is widely used in patients with liver disease and Hepatitis C.  A well-known study showed that patients who were not responding to conventional drug therapy responded very well with Milk Thistle supplementation.  The study showed that after 12 weeks, the viral load test was undetectable in 43% of patients involved in the study.

Other supplements used in studies with patients who have chronic and/or acute Hepatitis C is large doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Alpha Lipoic Acid.11 However, every case is different, meaning what works for one person may not be effective for another.  If left untreated, serious side effects can occur.  This is why getting tested is so important.  Dr. Phelts analyzes the results of blood work to determine the supplements and dosages that are effective and appropriate for each individual patient.  

Get Tested
An individualized plan based on exactly what your body needs can be determined by testing a comprehensive blood test, toxic element hair analysis, and any further blood tests that Dr. John Phelts sees fit.  Like mentioned above, every case is different and by identifying other deficiencies and toxicities in the body, we are able to improve the immune system’s ability to heal and repair.  Just because you feel healthy, doesn’t mean that your body is not trending towards disease.  Most diseases are symptom free until they are well advanced.  It is best to stop a disease before it casues irreversible damage to your body or worse.  Calls us 212-286-2012 to find out today what you can do to be healthier each day forward!  We are located only two blocks from Grand Central Station.  We are near the 10016, 10017, and 10018 zip codes.


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A Natural Approach To Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Many factors can cause the digestive tract to malfunctions.  This may manifest as loose stools, caused by inflammation and the gut contracting too rapidly.  Or it may be evidenced as constipation, when the digestive system moves too slow. For some of us, this distress can be frequent and painful, creating a major disruption in our life and in our lifestyle. 

There are many conditions that can cause digestive issues including ulcerative colitis, Crohn's Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). While all of these conditions involve inflammation of the lining of the bowel, IBS can be healed through careful shifts in diet and lifestyle.  Dr. John Phelts D.C. has helped many of his patients with gastrointestinal disorders to restore their digestive system.

What is IBS?

IBS is defined by abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits, and a cluster of symptoms that last for three months or longer. Symptoms vary for each person and can include:

Stomach gas and bloating
Alternating diarrhea and constipation
Mucus in the stool
Nausea after eating
Rectal bleeding
Abdominal pain that progresses or occurs at night
Weight loss not explained by dieting or other health concerns

IBS can be caused by one or several underlying health factors that cause a disruption in the digestive tract. These factors can include:

Food Allergy or Sensitivity. Research has shown that IBS can be triggered or made worse in people who are consuming foods to which they have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity. For some people a specific category of carbohydrate foods known as "high-FODMAP" create symptoms of IBS. For a list of food culprits, read this blog post and see how you can help determine what is causing your distress.  Dr Phelts uses Applied Kinesiology (AK) testing to identify what foods you may be sensitive to and uses energy techniques to desensitize you to that food.

Imbalance in Gut Flora. In the digestive system, we have friendly gut flora that support the process of digestion, nutrient absorption, and immunity. If we don't have enough friendly flora, or there is an overgrowth of unfriendly flora, or an "invader" yeast or bacteria, then inflammation, nutritional deficiency, and digestive distress can result. Toxins, processed foods, stress and antibiotic use can also increase inflammation and trigger or worsen IBS.  Dr. Phelts puts his patients on a simple protocol to restore gut flora balance.

Hormones. Changes in hormones, particularly for women, can cause a cascade of changes in the body, including digestion.

A Holistic Plan for Healing IBS
At Phelts Chiropractic PC we assess for IBS using diagnostic tools such as physical exam, blood work, lab tests, stool and urine tests, food allergy or intolerance testing, dietary assessment, and assessment of lifestyle factors including stress level, fatigue, etc. The goal is to identify sources of inflammation that have set the stage for developing IBS. Once identified, doctor and patient, will develop a plan to minimize/ eliminate exposure to triggers, reduce inflammation, and promote healing with Science Based Nuttition.

The "healing plan" for IBS will be different for every person because so many factors interact to produce inflammation and symptoms. This plan can include following a Low-FODMAP Diet (useful for a variety of GI conditions), nutritional and herbal supplementation, stress management, avoiding smoking and caffeine, moderating alcohol intake, adjusting sleeping habits, homeopathy and exercise.

If you suspect that you are affected by IBS, contact Dr. John W. Phelts, D.C. about an evaluation and put yourself on the road to wellness. We are just two blocks for Grand Central Station and ocated near the 10016, 10018, and 10017 zip codes.  It is possible to enjoy food again and heal from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Give us a call 212-286-2012


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New York Cervicogenic Headache Treatment

New York headache care by Dr. PheltsWe know how difficult long-term headache pain can be. Dr. Phelts and our staff have worked with many men and women in our New York chiropractic office, and we've had great success in helping people eliminate their headache pain.

Research Proves Chiropractic Helps With Cervicogenic Headaches

A 2016 research paper confirms what we see in our practice. In this study, the authors started with 110 people who were suffering with headache pain that originated in the cervical spine. 58 of these patients were given a series of neck adjustments; 52 were given some stretches and exercises. The treatment period for both groups was four weeks.

The study found that the patients who received cervical and thoracic spinal adjustments "experienced significantly greater reductions in headache intensity, disability, headache frequency, headache duration, and medication intake as compared to the group that received mobilization and exercise."

The study also found that these outcomes were maintained at the three-month follow-up exam.

Chiropractic is a safe and effective way to treat headache, back pain, neck pain, and many other health conditions. If you're tired of suffering, give Dr. Phelts a call today at our Manhattan office at (212) 286-2012. We are near the 10016, 10017, and 10018 zip codes.  We're here to help get you out of pain.


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Milk Thistle- More Than A Liver Herb

Silymarin is the active component of the herbal plant known as milk Thistle.  It has been used for centuries for various diseases to include liver disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, digestion, and has also been indicated for the treatment of different organs such as prostate, lungs, CNS, kidneys, pancreas, and skin1. Silymarin can suppress inflammation of cells in the body similar to ways that exercise can help coordinate the response of stressors.  The results of the anti-inflammatory pathways that silymarin can signal leads to cellular repair and maintenance.  Dr. John Phelts sees many patient who have benefited from Milk Thistle Supplementation. 

Properties of Silymarin include:
-Reduces inflammation
-Acts as an antioxidant reducing free radicals
-Stimulates the production of new liver cells
-Reduce the toxic effects of chemical exposures

Silymarin has been used to treat a range of disorders and is considered safe and well-tolerated. The most common use of silymarin is for the liver.  If the liver if functioning poorly, so is almost everything else in the body. 

Hepatitis Studies

1.  Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver.  It can be temporary and resolve on its own or can become long term and progress to a serious disorder or even cancer.  Hepatitis can have no symptoms or can cause discoloration of the skin, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and more.  The results of a clinical trial published in a study indicates that 82% of the patients with acute hepatitis who received 140mg of silymarin three times a day for at least 3 weeks showed improved levels of AST (SGOT) liver blood test.  The bilirubin blood test also improved in 40% of these patients3.  The conclusion of these trials indicated that therapy with silymarin reduces complications, reduces the duration of hospital stay and promotes recovery3.  In more advanced cases of liver inflammation where studies were done on patients who had a positive biopsy for cirrhosis, patients who took silymarin had improved survival rate after 4 years4. 

2.  In another study, patients with alcohol related liver disease were treated with silymarin at a dosage of 420 mg per day for 4 weeks.  At the end of the study, the liver blood test AST went down by 30.1% and ALT dropped by 40.8%5.  In the same study, the liver enzymes increased when patients that did not take the silymarin.

3.  The anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory properties of Silymarin have been widely studied.  Use of silymarin can be beneficial to detoxify the liver, improve fatty liver caused by alcohol use, protect the liver from viruses and use of drugs or medications. 

Diabetes and cholesterol

Excessive amounts of LDL Cholesterol can increase your risk of developing atherosclerosis, or plaque build-up in the arteries.  In a diseased state, inflammation occurs at a cellular level causing reactions that accelerate injury to the arterial wall increasing your risk for cardiovascular disease.  Foods known to accelerate this are:

-High-fructose corn syrup
-Fortified white flour
-Corn, soy and safflower oil
-Margarine and shortening
-Hydrogenated fats

Milk thistle and its antioxidant properties from silymarin, has been a promising herb to show benefits on the cardiovascular system and reducing inflammation.  Researchers have shown that a milk thistle extract can prevent cholesterol oxidation by over 85 percent.  Be sure to keep in mind that, along with taking beneficial antioxidants and vitamins, a healthy diet and exercise are all a part of preventing cardiovascular disease and other metabolic disorders.  

Studies have been done to determine to the effects of silymarin on patients that have Type II Diabetes.  Silymarin is known to have antioxidant properties on the glycemic profile in diabetic patients.  One study found significant reductions in Hemoglobin A1C levels, fasting blood glucose, insulin, liver enzymes SGOT and SGPT, and LDL Cholesterol of patients with Type II Diabetes after taking silymarin at a dose of 200 mg three times a day.

Protection against cancer

Along with other potent antioxidants like Vitamin E and Vitamin C, silymarin can help fight cellular damage and prevent against disease progression by increasing the functioning of the immune system.  Silymarin can help counteract the effects of chemical exposures, pollutants and heavy metals we are exposed to on a daily basis.  There is strong preclinical evidence for silymarin's protective properties for the liver and anticarcinogenic effects, including inhibition of cancer cell growth in human prostate, skin, breast, and cervical cells.

While much more research is needed in the field regarding silymarin benefits on patients with cancer, many laboratory studies that have already been done are promising.  One study showed that the effects of silymarin on breast cancer cells inhibits the cells’ growth and induces their death. The study concluded that silymarin might be “an effective adjuvant drug to produce a better preventive response for the cancer therapy.”

Another published study done by the Univerisity of Colorado Cancer Center focused more on prostate cancer growth and metastasis.  Researchers found that the compounds derived from milk can restrict the tumors’ ability to grow new blood vessels they need for survival10.  Without the ability to grow new blood vessels, a tumor cannot grow. 

There’s more to it than just milk thistle

Dr. Phelts combines laboratory blood and urine analysis with kinesiology testing to assess your nutrtional needs.  If you think you or someone you know would benefit from using silymarin, then there is a very high probability that there is more to look at.  Taking silymarin can increase the effects and side effects of some medications.  It is important to seek guidance by an experienced nutritionist to get tested properly.  Dr John Phelts orders and analyzes a comprehensive blood analysis and hair tissue test to determine the exact needs of your body.  It is important to note that dietary recommendations and supplement guidelines based on testing results will vary from person to person.  The research mentioned above is to give you an idea what the benefits are of just taking one supplement.  Imagine if you were to discover all deficiencies and/or toxicities that you have and were able to determine what other vitamins and minerals you needed.  The road towards optimal health is right in front of you.  Don’t wait, get started today!  Call us for a consultation at 212-286-2012.

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Health Benefits of Pineapple

Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is here!  It begins in March and remains through June.  If you love pineapple (and who doesn’t), then now is the time to hit the produce department to purchase this juicy and delicious fruit.  I know taste is reason enough to eat this fruit, but I want to give you healthy reasons for choosing the fruit.

Pineapple contains the proteolytic enzymes pancreatin and bromelain.  They help reduce levels of circulating immune complexes (CICs) in the body.  CICs are elevated in individuals with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Pineapple is also abundant in vitamin C.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant that reduces the risk of cancer and supports the immune system. 

Purchasing tip:  choose pineapples that smell sweet at the stem end.  Also avoid bruised pineapples.  Once purchased, cut it within two days.  You can store the freshly sliced pineapple for up to one week in the refrigerator without losing any nutrients.  

Dr Phelts educates his patients about which foods to eat for their best health at his midtown Manhattan office.  Give us a call at 212-286-2012 to learn about how we can help you and your family can adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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AMA Recommends Chiropractic Before Surgery

Although some people are still skeptical about chiropractic care, even the American Medical Association (AMA) recommends that adjustments should be tried prior to surgery--the one option that should be a last resort.

Dr. Phelts has seen many back pain patients in our New York, NY office who have been suffering for years and who are worried that they might need an operation for their back pain. Dr. Phelts has had great success in helping patients recover and avoid risky back surgery, and the science backs up our experience.

Research Supports Chiropractic Helps You Avoid Risky Surgery

Recently, in one study carried out on almost 2,000 Washington State employees who suffered from a back injury while at work, more than 42% who saw a surgeon first following their injury found themselves having back surgery within three years. That compares to just 1.5% of the individuals who first sought treatment with chiropractic care, proving that this non-invasive approach is extremely effective at keeping you off the operating table.

Dr. Phelts Can Help Patients Find Comfort From Back Pain Without Surgery

There are options to risky medical procedures. Chiropractic is a proven effective and safe way to improve the function of your spine, which is the root cause of back pain. Dr. Phelts has helped many patients in Manhattan recover. Give our office a call today at (212) 286-2012 for an appointment.


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If you are wating in line at your local salad bar looking at all the different choices for your salad, consider adding arugula.  Arugula aka rocket is a cruciferous vegetable that has a mild peppery flavor.  Just like other cruciferous vegetables, it has many health benefits.

Vitamin K- is important for blood clotting, which help you body to stop bleeding if you cut or injure yourself.  It is also necessary for healthy bones and helps prevent the development of osteoporosis.

Vitamins A & C-  are antioxidants, which combat the aging process and reduce the risk of developing cancer. 

Folic Acid (Folate)- helps your body make red blood cells which carry oxygen to your cells.  A deficiency of folate is a type of anemia known as megaloblastic.  It is also necessary for you body to metabolize estrogens efficiently. 

Calcium- is necessary for proper muscle contraction and tone.  It also contributes to maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Potassium- is an electrolyte that promotes healthy heart and nervous system function.

Other nutrients include protein, riboflavin, thiamin, zinc, vitamin B6, copper and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)

Other Benefits: anti-inflammation properties, promote normal blood pressure levels, improve blood flow and blood vessel function.

If any of these benefits appeal to you, ask for arugula the next time you are at a salad bar.

At Phelts Chirpractic PC, Dr. Phelts makes nutrtional reccomendations based on your most recent laboratory blood work.  Give us a call at 212-286-2012 if you would like your blood work evaluated.  We are located in midtown Manhattan near the 10016. 10017, and 10018 zip codes

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Dr. John W. Phelts, D.C. sees many people who want to lose weight in his midtown Manhattan location.  A key factor in weight loss that needs to be addressed is the fear of being or getting “fat”.   

Many people are afraid of fat.  Afraid of becoming “Fat” and afraid of consuming fat.  Because we call overweight people “fat”, we think that consuming fat will make us fat.  In addition, being “fat” is frowned upon in society.  This makes us even more fearful of fat, because who wants to be looked down upon.  Remember, there is no fear in love, so if you are reacting to fear, you are not operating in love.  Out of a lack of love people body shame overweight people and feel sorry (which is not love) for someone anorexic.  However, we need to realize that, it is a fear of fat that influenced that person to become anorexic.  As a society, we must walk in love towards everyone instead of looking down on anyone for any reason.  As it stands, this society has a fear of fat.  The truth is that you shouldn’t fear anything.  Fear is not healthy mentally, physically, or chemically.  We only make negative choices when they are based on fear.  These choices are not good for yourself or anyone around you.  Fat is necessary for optimal health.  By avoiding fat, you deprive yourself of its benefits.

Excess weight that you see on people is not fat, it is adipose tissue.  Adipose tissue is a group of cells called adipocytes.  Adipose tissue has several functions in our bodies, which include physically protecting organs from trauma, insulating the body, storing excess energy, stores nutrients, producing hormones.  It produces hormones that regulate blood pressure, influence blood clotting, metabolize sex hormones, and improve insulin sensitivity.  Adipose tissue only multiplies if you consume more calories than you use.  Any excess calorie, whether from fat (healthy or bad), carbohydrate, of protein will eventually be converted to fat and stored in adipose tissue.  Any calorie that is not in excess, whether fat, carbohydrate, or protein will be used for energy and not stored in adipose tissue. 

Good fats come from nuts and seeds and marine life.  They come in the form of omega 3s and omega 6s.  Omega 3 fats come from nuts and marine life.  Good omega 6 fats come from evening primrose oil, borage oil, or currant seed oil.  These good fats are actually used to help us burn fat and decrease inflammation in our bodies.  There are bad omega 6 fats and these come from hydrogenated vegetable oils. 


Did you know that in 1911 Crisco was bought by Proctor and Gamble?  Shortly after Crisco was selling in the supermarkets, Proctor and Gamble made a donation to the American heart association (AHA) in the amount of $1.75 million, which was a lot of money at that time.  Now, even today when we know that processed omega 6 fat are harmful to our bodies and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, the AHA still recommends consuming 5-10% of our calories in the form of processed omega 6 fats.  Makes you scratch your head, doesn’t it?


Let’s thank God, the creator, that we can do something about it, by avoiding any oils that are hydrogenated and consuming good fats from nuts, seeds, and wild caught fish.

Our patients at Phelts Chiropractic PC we order a foundational blood panel to find out if there are any nutritional deficiencies, cardiovascular risks, immune system challenges, or hormone imbalances.  We may also order a Cleveland hear lab test, which looks at your levels of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats.  We also do Applied Kinesiology / AK testing.  We then make nutritional recommendations according to our findings.  Give us a call to set up a consultation at 212-286-2012.  We serve the 10016, 10017, and 10018 zip codes.


Headache and Car Crashes

If you suffer from headache after a car accident, you're not alone. Dr. Phelts sees this type of condition very often in our New York office. Chiropractic can be very helpful for headache symptoms after a crash. Let's see what causes headache and why chiropractic works.

There are many different kinds of headache. Headache that's triggered by a car crash, though, usually starts as tension or strain in the muscles of the cervical spine. In a collision, the neck muscles can be torn, which results in inflammation and soreness. These kinds of headache can be felt in different places, including the back of the head or even the forehead.

Another common cause of pain after a collision that we see in our New York office is cervicogenic headache, or headaches that originate in injured ligaments of the neck. Ligament injury is quite common after a crash, and it's important to get therapy for this type of problem to avoid the creation of scar tissue.

Chiropractic is an excellent way to treat headaches, including those brought about by car crashes. Your chiropractor will help reduce the swelling and tension in your neck, which will help ease the headache pain.

Dr. Phelts is here in New York to help you recover from headache. We've been helping patients since 2003 and we can probably help you, too. First, we'll do a careful assessment to determine the root cause of your problem, and then decide how to restore your body's natural functioning. Ready to make an appointment? Give us a call at (212) 286-2012 and we'll get you back on the road to health.  We are near the 10016, 10017, and 10018 zip codes


Chiropractic Effective for Tension Headaches

New York Headache Treatment by Dr. PheltsMany people experience headache pain, and tension headaches are a frequent problem in our busy world. Postural problems and stress are common sources of tension headaches, and ones that Dr. Phelts and the team here in our New York chiropractic office have a lot of experience in treating.

Research Proves Chiropractic Eases Tension Headaches

The scientific literature confirms our results: A 2016 study from Spain treated a group of 76 patients with chronic tension headaches. The participants were divided into four treatment groups: 19 patients were treated with suboccipital inhibition (the therapist presses on the tight tissues at the top of the spine); 19 with chiropractic adjustments; 19 with both adjustments and suboccipital inhibition; and 19 received no treatment.

The authors found that the spinal adjustments were helpful at relieving pain, and that the best results were found when adjustments were mixed with the suboccipital inhibition.

When we get stressed, the nerves and tissues in the neck can be disrupted, causing pain. Chiropractic works by removing these strains and restoring the normal nerve function to the area.

We're Here to Help Patients Find Comfort From Tension Headaches

If you live in New York and are struggling with any kind of headache, we're here to help you get relief. Call Dr. Phelts today at (212) 286-2012 for an appointment or more information.


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