42 Year Old Female Cured From Eczema, Pollen, and Food Allergies.

A 42 year old female presented to the office with eczema and pollen and food allergies.

AK  testing revealed that her body reacted to:

Tree Pollens; Grass Pollens, Ragweed Pollen;

Barley; Turkey; Kiwi; Watermelon; Yam; Carrot; Walnut; Night Shade Plants; Soy; Corn; Bananas; Gluten; Kale; Potato; Thyme; Oregano; Peanut; Bok Choy; Tuna; Wheat Flour, Kale; Maple Syrup; and Okra

Candida, Parasites, Viruses, Industrial chemicals, Androgens (testosterone)

Her body also reacted to the heavy metal Mercury.

AK Organ Reflex Points revealed that her stomach, liver, and kidneys needed support.

Treatment included Dr. Phelts' allergy method, meridian therapy, ocular reflex movement, and nutritional supplementation.  The nutritional supplements were giving to support her liver, kidneys, and digestive system, and to help her body remove

Her treatments began in January 2022.  She reported that in the spring, summer and fall of 2022 she didn't experience any seasonal respiratory allergy symptoms.  The same was true for th After four treatments she reported that only two of eight eczema lesions remained on her arm but they did not itch.  After 8 treatments, she reported that all of the eczema patches resolved. 

Dr. Phelts suspects that the reason her eczema lesions took a long time to clear up, is that her allergic reactions were partly due to the lining of her digestive tract had become too permeable.  The supplements recommended helps to restore the intestinal lining, but it take time.

 Dr. Phelts uses applied kinesiology and meridian therapy during his allergy treatments. Call us to set up an appointment for evaluation and treatment of allergies: 212-286-2012 

December 05, 2022