A 79-year-old male presents at this office with hypertension (high blood pressure).  He hadn't gone to see a doctor for 50 years.  In January 2019, he began vomiting and having severe abdominal pain.  At the ER they took his blood pressure and found that it was 210/120.  They kept him at the hospital to monitor his blood pressure.  After one week and trying various hypertension medications, they finally found one, Enalapril, which reduced his blood pressure to 160/90.  He was released from the hospital with a prescription.  He did not want to be on the medication, because it caused him to feel dizzy and faint.  He was seeking a natural alternative to the medication.

A review of his blood work revealed that he had mild anemia and very low Vitamin D.
Urine Toxic Elements test revealed high Thallium levels, which, like mercury, is a heavy metal.
Blood Pressure 164/85 (while on Enalapril)

Dietary recommendations to improve anemia.
He was put on our high blood pressure protocol
Nutrients and supplements were recommended to address the vitamin D deficiency and anemia.
Supplements were recommended to assist his body in getting rid of excess Thallium.
He was instructed to take his blood pressure twice daily at the same times each day.

After one week he noticed that his blood pressure was getting lower.  After one month the physician who prescribed the medication, lowered it by 1/4 dose.  One month later it was lowered by 1/4 again.  After two more months he was taken off the medication.  He had a follow up appointment at this office six months after begriming out treatment plan.  His blood pressure was 130/85.  He reported that his pressure had been stable for two months.  He no longer takes blood pressure medication.

After making a few changes to his diet (he already had a fairly healthy diet) and recommending certain supplements, his blood pressure normalized and he is medication free.

We will update this case after we analyze follow-up blood work.

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October 09, 2019