At Phelts Chiropractic PC, Dr. John W. Phelts, D.C. applies treatments that are focused on stimulating your body to heal itself of your condition.  Most people notice significant improvement from his therapies, but he believes that is only one third of the battle.  The winning the second third of the battle requires that you attend your scheduled appointments, and do any at home instructions (whether dietary, self-treatment, or exercises) that are recommended.   The last third of the battle is won through your attitude about your condition.

Just as important as receiving treatments and do at home activities is what you believe about your condition.  Your thoughts and feelings have a significant impact on how your body responds to your treatments and condition.  A researcher named Candace Pert discovered that your brain releases chemicals called neuropeptides in response to your thoughts.  These neuropeptides communicate with and affect your heart, muscles, immune system, kidneys, gut, and lungs.  Positive thoughts about your condition will stimulate you body to heal.  Negative thoughts will release chemicals that negatively affect your condition. 

Dr. John Phelts always tells his patients that if you want to get better, you must believe that you are getting better and that your health has a bright future.  He has observed that patients who do this experience better and faster results.  Patients who choose to complain about their condition tend to heal only partially.  It is important to look at yourself and tell your body every day that you are getting better and better.  Every time you feel like complaining about your condition, stop yourself and instead, encourage yourself that you are healing and that your future is bright.  Your brain will release neuropeptides that will cause your body to respond accordingly.

It is not enough to simply show up at your appointments.  You must do more than “try this out” to see if this treatment will help me.  You must show up expecting to get better and believing that you will get better.  Be a believer.  A positive attitude toward your health will help you get better results.  Dr. John W. Phelts, D.C. serves the 10016, 10017, and 10018 zip codes in Manhattan.  Call our New York, NY office at 212-286-2012 to schedule an appointment.

August 14, 2018