Calcium-D-Glucarate is a salt-based substance produced naturally by humans and animals and found in many fruits and vegetables.  You can find it in oranges, grapefruit, and cruciferous vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale and cabbage.

Calcium-D-Glucarate supports liver detoxification, which includes the metablolization of estrogen, so it can improve hormone balance.  If someone has high estrogen levels, the body will perceive progesterone levels to be low.  This is important in women, because low progesterone may send a signal to the body that it cannot maintain a pregnancy. 

Supplementing with Calcium-D-Glucarate can help the body balance progesterone to estrogen ratio. There are no known contraindications, but it can affect how the liver metabolizes other medications. Dr. John Phelts can test to see if Calcium-Glucarate is right for you at his Maurray Hill location in Manhattan. 

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October 10, 2017