Cat Allergies Gone After One Treatment

A 52 year-old woman tells Dr. Phelts that she is allergic to cats.  The allergy recently became a problem, because her daughter brought home a kitten and she allowed her to keep it.  Her daughter recently went away to college and left the cat.  This made her the primary caretaker of the cat, which she no longer could avoid.  The allergy is now making her miserable.

At Dr. John Phelts' request, she brought a sample of her cat's hair in a plastic container to the office.  Dr. Phelts performed his allergy treatment, using the sample of the cat hair.

Two weeks later she returned for a follow-up visit and she reported that she is no longer allergic to the cat.  She now gets along very well with the cat, and they are able to enjoy each other fully.

Four years later, she returned because her cat allergies started coming back, though much milder than before.  Dr. Phelts performed his complete allergy treatment and her cat allergy went away again.

A note from Dr. Phelts:
Each patient's response to the allergy treatment is unique.  For some the allergy treatment works after only one session.  For others it may take several sessions.  For some, the treatment has permanent effects.  For others, they may need a booster treatment.  

Dr. Phelts' allergy treatments work for foods, animals, pollens, mold, dust, cigarette smoke, perfumes, etc..

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October 28, 2021