Are you someone who lived a very active lifestyle and now you are not as active or not at all?  Is the reason for your decreased activity level, because of aches and pains related to exercise?  Does it seem that you are now prone to tendonitis and bursitis every time you engage in any type of physical activity?  Does it feel like the years of wear and tear you put on your body has finally caught up to you?  If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then continue reading.

If you want to return to being active, there are principles you must understand:

  1. Vigorous activities like running and wieght training cause micro damage to your joints and tendons. 
  2.  Your body needs 1) time and 2) certain nutrients (building materials) to repair the damage.
  3.  If the rate of damage exceeds the rate of repair, your joints and tendons will slowly degenerate over time.  This can lead to the development of arthritis, tendonitis, and/or bursitis.  Eventually, they will manifest as pain. These conditions can take days, weeks, or decades to develop. 

If you want to return to a fitness lifestyle, you must give your body the building blocks needed to maintain and repair its joints and tendons. These nutrients can be found in a supplement called Collatrix.  Collatrix contains ingredients that the body uses to maintain joint and tendon elasticity, lubrication, repair and protection. 

I used to suffer from tendonitis in my elbows and knees and I avoided some of my favorite exercises, because of it.  As a result, my workouts were less productive and enjoyable.  My workouts became more about avoiding pain and injury, than setting goals and breaking personal records.  After searching for a solution, I began taking Collatrix three years ago and the results have been amazing.  I can do my favorite exercises again with no apprehension, or discomfort.  I am once again excited about my workouts, because I can go “all out” and aggressively reach for my goals.  To learn more about Collatrix click here.

When I evaluate my patients at my mid-town Manhattan office, I perform a simple test to see if Collatrix would be beneficial to them.  I also test to see what their optimal dose would be.  If you are near the Grand Central, Murray Hill, 10016, 10017, 0r 10018 area, give us a call 212-286-2012.  We would be happy to test and see if Collatrix is right for you.

July 02, 2018