Dr. John Phelts DC of Phelts Chiropractic PC in Mid-town Manhattan and the Grand Central area, is a fitness enthusiast and takes the fitness lifestyle seriously.  He takes certain supplements to complement his fitness lifestyle and to optimize its benefits.  He likes to share advice on which supplements his patients, at his 10016 office, should take, depending on their goals.

Research shows that high intensity resistance training is correlated with an increased release of testosterone into the blood stream.  Testosterone has many benefits:

  1. increased mean muscle mass
  2.  increased libido
  3. increased energy
  4. improved sense of wellbeing

However, the body will convert a portion of testosterone into another hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  DHT has many benefits and is a necessary hormone, but it has no effect on muscle.  Research shows that the body converts 10%-15% of testosterone into DHT.  It also reveals that people who are balding or have thinning hair convert 20%-30% into DHT.  This can cut into the benefits that you would receive from the testosterone surge from your workout.

To maximize the testosterone benefits, Dr. Phelts wants to limit the conversion of Testosterone into DHT.  Sito-Plex is a supplement designed to do just that.  Sito-Plex contains a high concentration of Beta-Sitosterol.  Beta-Sitosterol is a plant hormone that inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT.  It is naturally found in pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, and saw palmetto berries.  Dr Phelts takes 2 Sito-Plex capsules 30 minutes before a workout.  This ensures that Beta-Sitosterol is in his blood stream while his testosterone levels are elevated.  He then, takes another two capsules 30 minutes after his workout. 

Beta-Sitosterol has other benefits such as lowering cholesterol, reducing hair loss, improving prostate function, and improving acne. 

Dr. Phelts uses Applied Kinesiology to test whether Sito-Plex would be a good fit for his patients.  Give is a call (212) 286-2012.  We serve the 10016,10017, and 10018 zip codes.

June 19, 2018