Dust, Pollen, and Pollution Allergies Disappear After Two Treatments

A 24-year old man visits Dr. Phelts' office for low back and leg pain.  During the session the patient seemed very agitated.  He didn't seem to be able to sit still or focus. He then suddenly grabbed a tissue, pulls down his mask and blows his nose.  He then seemed relieved and explained to Dr. Phelts that he has allergies.

Dr. Phelts further inquired about his allergies.  He stated that, for as far as he could remember, he was allergic to dust and pollen and that he takes an over-the-counter antihistamine for relief.  Dr. Phelts did his allergy testing and confirmed that he was indeed allergic to tree and ragweed pollen, as well as dust mites..  Dr. Phelts asked him for permission to perform his allergy treatment and he obliged. 

One week later, the patient returned and reported that his allergies were less severe, but still persisted.  Dr. Phelts did his complete allergy testing and found that he was allergic to air pollution as well.  He performed his allergy treatment for pollution and scheduled the patient for a follow-up visit in two weeks.  This time the patient said that he didn't have any allergy symptoms since last visit.  One week after that, the patient verified that he was still allergy free.

This patient had amazing results.  It turned out, that he was allergic to something that he didn't even know he was allergic to . A combination of thorough testing and appropriate testing made the treatment successful.  Also, the patient followed his at home instructions and now he is allergy free.

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November 02, 2021