EMSculpt NEO Butt Lift:  The Secret To Achieving The Ultimate Butt Lift With The EMSculpt NEO

In the quest for a well-sculpted, toned, and lifted backside, fitness enthusiasts and aesthetes alike are turning to advanced technologies to enhance their physical training results.  Among the myriad of innovations available today, EMSculpt NEO has emerged as the premier muscle building tool, celebrated for its dual capacity to build more muscle than any other device on the market.  While many might zoom in on enhancing the glutes alone for a desired backside boost, the savvy few know the secret: to truly unlock maximum aesthetic results of a larger buttocks, it's crucial to not just focus on the glutes but to include the hamstrings in your treatment plan as well. Here's why this combination is the secret to superior buttocks enhancement.

The EMSculpt NEO Advantage

EMSculpt NEO stands tall in a sea of body contouring treatments, offering a non-invasive solution that burns fat and builds muscle. It is the EMSculpt NEO versatility that makes it stand out.  It can be programmed to build muscle only or to build muscle and burn fat cells simultaneously.  It's like having the power of weeks of rigorous squats and deadlifts by causing 20/000 maximal muscle contraction in a 30-minute session, But even with such an innovative machine, strategic targeting is key. Engaging both the gluteus maximus, which forms the bulk of your buttocks, and the upper hamstrings, right where they meet the glutes, is critical.

The Synergy of Glutes and Hamstrings: A Sculpting Symphony

In the pursuit of that highly sought-after lifted backside, consider this: the contrast of augmenting the glutes, while burning the fat cells of the upper posterior thighs, particularly the area just under the gluteal fold (where the hamstrings meet the butt).  

Why Combine Glute and Hamstring Treatments?

1. Building the Gluteus Maximus: By focusing EMSculpt NEO's HIFEM + RF energies on the gluteus maximus, you're effectively increasing the size and volume of the buttocks. This muscle, when well-developed, gives that round and lifted shape everyone desires. 
Many patients are concerned that the RF in this area will make their booty smaller by burning fat in the area.  This a popular misconception.   Rest assured that your booty will experience gains only without losing any volume. The RF setting for the buttocks is calibrated specifically to induce more powerful muscle contractions for more gluteus maximus size, focusing solely on muscle development only without affecting the fat cells (see more on this below).  

2. Reducing Fat on Upper Hamstrings: The targeted use of RF energy with settings calibrated to burn fat cells, specifically in the upper portion of the back of the thighs, streamlines the transition from the glutes to the thighs. This strategic approach carves out a more defined division between the two areas.

3. Creating Contrast and Contour: The inclusion of burning fat cells in the upper rear thighs in your treatment plan creates a sharper angle at the point where the lower buttock meets the thigh. This not only adds to the lift but also enhances the contour, adding shadow and depth for that multidimensional, sculpted lifted buttock look.

4. Improved Posture and Lift: Strong hamstrings support the pelvis and contribute to better posture, which in turn enhances the aesthetic appearance of the glutes. By strengthening both muscle groups, individuals can achieve a more pronounced posterior lift, making the buttocks appear more elevated and firm.

A Contrast that Counts: How Combined Treatments Amplify the Lift

The aesthetics of a pronounced butt lift lie in the contrast — the subtle interplay between curve and contour. When you decrease fat in the upper thigh and increase muscle tone in the glutes: where the hamstrings meet the glutes:

  • The 'under-butt' (back of the upper thigh) area becomes less pronounced while...
  • The glutes stand out with more size, looking fuller and more voluptuous.
  • The transition area from the curvaceous backside to the toned thigh is more distinct.

In essence, the EMSculpt NEO treatment, when applied to both muscle groups, creates a more dramatic visual effect, which in turns translates to a more accentuated buttock lift — perceived as much as it is real.

The Bottom Line

If you're envisioning a firmer, more lifted rear that turns heads and boosts confidence, broadening your focus beyond the glutes is the strategy for success. With EMSculpt NEO, the science and the results are clear: a two-pronged approach that includes meticulous contouring of both the glutes and hamstrings is superior to working on the glutes alone.

Making the Choice for an Enhanced Lift

Be bold in your decisions — choose a treatment plan that embraces the full potential of EMSculpt NEO. With a focus on both the gluteus maximus and the hamstring area, you are setting the stage for an unmistakable enhancement that screams 'squats' without ever stepping foot in the gym. This isn't just a better butt lift; it's the ultimate one.

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FAQ: Will The EMSculpt NEO Burn Fat On My Butt?

A common misconception among patients is that the use of RF settings on the buttocks will result in fat burn, thus reducing the size of their buttocks. The EMSculpt NEO has unique RF presets for each body part.  The RF can be programmed to either stimulate stronger muscle contractions only or to both burn fat and stimulate muscle contractions.  Rest assured, the RF preset for the buttocks is to induce strong muscle contractions only. focusing solely on muscle development, with no impact on the fat cells in this area.  This ensures that your booty achieves increased size from muscle gains without losing any volume from fat loss.


So, if you're ready to take your glute game to soaring new heights, remember: EMSculpt NEO is your golden ticket, and the combination of glute and hamstring treatments is your ride to transcendence. Achieving that sculpted silhouette and enviable butt lift is no longer a distant dream but an attainable reality. It's time to make an impact with every turn and transform your body into a canvas of contoured perfection.

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