A five year old female, accompanied by her mother, presented at this office  complaining of abdominal pain.  The pain is in the upper right and upper left quadrants (upper abdomen0. The pain has been persistent for two weeks.  The pain intensifies about 1/2 hour after eating.  Her mother said that she had an ear infection two months ago and that she was prescribed antibiotics for it.  She normally has two bowel movements a day with a solid consistency- this has not changed since this condition developed.

AK Eamination Results:
+ abodmen is tender to the light touch.
+ Small intestine neurolymphatic reflex is positive
+ Bacteria resonance test is positive
+ Fungus resonance test is positive
+ Ileocecal valve test.
+ tenderness and mild edema along the left thoracic paraspinal muscles
+ Joint restrictions T5-T9

+ AK protocol for ileocecal valve correction
Manual treatment of the small intestine neurolymphatic points
Cold laser Small Intestine meridian tonification point
Manual treatment of the trigger points
Adjusted T5-T9 vertebrae with the Arthrostim mechanical adjuster

After the treatment she reported that the abdominal pain subsidied.  After applying deep pressure to the abdiome she said that she does not feel pain.  Her mother was taught how to do the ileocecal valve correction and instructed to perform it on her daughter once daily.  She was also advised not to give her any nuts, chips, or raw vegetables (they must be cooked) until her next visit.  Chewable probiotics were recommended to be taken daily.  She has a follow-up visit in three weeks.  This post will be updated after the followup visit.

October 04, 2019