How Chiropractic Care Can Effectively Alleviate Migraines

Migraines can be an excruciating, incapacitating condition for numerous individuals worldwide. Standard practices for treating migraines often involve medication, which may not be suitable for everyone. Thankfully, a natural, non-invasive solution has shown remarkable results – chiropractic care. This blog outlines how chiropractic treatment provides an effective solution for migraine sufferers.

Understanding Migraines

Before diving into how chiropractic helps, it's essential to first understand migraines. Migraine is a neurological condition characterized by severe, debilitating hadaches, usually occurring on one side of the head. It is often accompanied by other symptoms such as sensitivity to light and noise, nausea, and vomiting .

Chiropractic and Migraines

Chiropractic care originated in the late 19th century and has since grown in acceptance as a legitimate health care profession. A chiropractor uses hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments to ensure the body's proper alignment, particularly the spine, which supports the body's natural healing .

Spinal Manipulation and Migraines

Studies have shown that many migraines are triggered by issues in the neck and spine, including poor posture, neck tension, and spinal misalignment. Chiropractors focus on these areas during treatment, performing spinal manipulations or adjustments to alleviate the pressure and tension causing the headache.

A randomized controlled trial by Duke University provided some of the most compelling evidence. They found significant improvement in headache severity and duration following a spinal manipulation intervention compared to soft tissue therapy and medication.

Lifestyle Advice and Migraines

Chiropractors also provide lifestyle advice to help manage migraines better. This advice can include guidance on nutritional deficiencies, exercise, and stress management, which all play a crucial role in the occurrence and intensity of migraines.

Why Chiropractic Care?

The reasons for considering chiropractic care for migraines rather than medication are numerous:

  • Lower Side Effects: Unlike pharmaceuticals, chiropractic care is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment with minor side effects.
  • Holistic Approach: Chiropractic care adopts a holistic strategy, not only alleviating symptoms but focusing on overall wellbeing and preventive care.  Dr. John Phelts also employs functional medicine, meridian therapy, acutherapy, G5 Cellutec massage, Stress desensitization therapy, Sacral-Occipital Technique (SOT), and Applied Kinesiology in the management of Migraines. 
  • Long-Lasting Results: Studies have demonstrated that consistency in chiropractic treatments can lead to long-lasting relief from migraines .


Managing migraines can be challenging, but evidence suggests that chiropractic care could provide the relief many are seeking. Always speak with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment strategy, and consider incorporating chiropractic care as a practical method for dealing with migraines.


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