New York, NY chiropractorYesterday I read an article in my news feed about Lebron James' ankle sprain.  My attention became more alert when I read that his ankle was no longer sore after a few days, so the team played him in a game.  That proved to be an unwise decision, because he woke up the next morning to extreme ankle soreness.

It is scientific fact that the brain does not register pain in any body part until at least 60% function of that part has been lost.  This means that when Lebron no longer felt soreness in his ankle, that it was not an indication that his function was fully restored.  It simply meant that he had at least 40.1% function.  Reinjury was inevitable.

Lebron needs to go through a corrective care program, like one Dr. John Phelts offers at his Manhattan office serving the 10016,10017, and 10018 zip codes.  The treatments may include chiropractic alignment of the ankle, applied kinesiology procedures to restore nerve transmission and blood flow to the ankle, acupressure, and exercise prescription. He shouldn't play again until he has at least 90% function, which we would determine by testing. 

Many people make the mistake of returning to normal activity, simply because the pain has gone away.  Find out if you truly are ready to start being active today.  Call Dr. John Phelts' office at 212-286-2012 to schedule an appointment.    

October 12, 2017