At Phelts Chiropractic PC in New York, NY, we see people who have erectile dysfunction and arousal dysfunction.

Sexual arousal disorder is known as erectile dysfunction in men and arousal dysfunction in women.  The cause can be psychological or physical.  In this article, we will be focusing on the physical aspect.  Physical causes may include cardiovascular disorders like hypertension and atherosclerosis.  Adequate blood flow to the penis and vagina are necessary for full arousal to occur.  Cardiovascular problems can cause a decrease in blood flow to your sexual organs.  So, the question remains, “how do you increase blood flow to these organs”?

The body uses an amino acid called arginine to make nitric oxide.  Arginine is also known as the poor person's Viagra.  Many consider it to be better than Viagra and Cialis, because it does not cause headaches or negatively affect your heart.  Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to dilate, which increases blood flow to the arms, legs, head, and reproductive organs.  

Blood flow to these regions may also be affected by the viscosity of blood.  Some individuals have “thicker” blood than others, because they produce more fibrinogen and thrombin.  The denser the blood, the more effort it takes to move it to the sexual organs.  Supplements that breakdown fibrin will help to reduce blood viscosity.  These would include proteolytic enzymes, Boswellia extract, ginkgo biloba, turmeric and ginger. 

Atherosclerosis is a condition where plaques are formed in the arteries which make them rigid and less elastic.  Elasticity is necessary to generate enough blood flow to the reproductive region for sufficient arousal.  Taking proteolytic enzymes can reduce plaquing.  Collagen can increase elasticity of the blood vessels.  Although you may not see immediate results with these supplements, the long-term effects are long lasting.

One of the main functions of the kidneys is to regulate blood pressure by modulating blood volume.  Consuming nutrients that support the kidneys can help to manage hypertension and thereby improve blood flow for sexual arousal.  These may include vitamin A from the liver, carotenoids from orange and yellow vegetables, rice bran, beets, L-leucine, and L-Valine.

Exercise can also improve blood flow.  Weight training and aerobic exercise are great for keeping blood vessels elastic.

Dr. John W. Phelts, D.C. performs simple tests using applied kinesiology to determine which supplements will improve your sexual arousal.  In addition, he teaches you certain reflex and acupressure points that can help improve arousal.  He also performs the five-minute phobia cure, which helps to reduce anxiety and other emotional issues.  He practices in mid-town Manhattan, serving the 10016, 10017, and 10018 zip codes.  Call to schedule your consultation today at 212-286-2012.

August 22, 2018