Cold and flus season is approaching.  Dr. John Phelts, DC in New York, NY recommends that his patients keep a bottle of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) in their medicine cabinet.  NAC is an amino acid that helps our bodies fight infection. Our body manufactures NAC, but when fighting an infection, supplementing with it can be very beneficial.  It can help us fight both respiratory and ear infections.  Researchers have found NAC to be beneficial both as an added treatment to conventional antibiotics (outcomes were improved) and as a standalone treatment. This is most likely because NAC has both mucolytic (breaks down mucus) and antimicrobial properties.  It is the mucolytic attribute that makes it so effective.  When mucus is thick, it makes drainage of the ears, sinuses, and nasal cavities difficult.  This makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  By thinning the mucus, it allows the mucus to drain into the stomach, where the acid kills the bacteria.

Dr. Phelts uses NAC for himself and his entire family.

August 15, 2019