At Phelts Chiropractic PC in New York, NY, Dr. John W. Phelts, D.C. sees many patients who suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure).  Hypertension is important to monitor, because the higher the blood pressure the harder the heart must work to pump blood through the body.  This can put undue stress on the heart and potentially reduce its functional lifespan. 

Proteolytic enzymes have been shown to reduce blood pressure.  They have the potential to digest plaques in blood vessels with atherosclerosis.  A study published in the Oct 13, 2016 issue of Integrated Blood Pressure Control revealed that the consumption of nattokinase, a proteolytic enzyme from fermented soy, lowered blood pressure in those who participated in the study.  79 individuals with high blood pressure were given 100 mg of nattokinase/day for 8 weeks.  At the end of the study the data showed that both systolic and diastolic blood pressure were significantly reduced compared to the placebo group (in which there was no change in blood pressure).

There are many supplements on the market that can help manage blood pressure, but any one of those supplements will not work for everyone.  Dr. Phelts uses Applied Kinesiology to determine which supplements may help support your cardiovascular system.  In some people proteolytic enzymes work very well.  Give us a call at 212-286-2012 to set up a consultation to see if the services we provide will help you get healthier.  We are located in Murray Hill, NY and are near the 10016,10017, and 10018 zip codes

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October 29, 2018