The purpose of our nutrition protocol is to help you obtain and/or maintain optimal health naturally.  Our services are for those who are looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical medications.  We have found that the health of many of our patients respond very well to specific dietary changes, exercises, vitamins, and certain high-quality herbal and whole food supplements.  Our program utilizes laboratory testing to assess your health and make recommendations.  Many people take supplements, because they heard from someone (most likely on the internet) that it is good for this or that, but they have no idea if it is working for them.  With laboratory testing there is no guessing about which supplements you need.

Before your initial consultation with Dr. Phelts, we send you a symptom survey to fill out.  The symptom survey is a questionnaire that identifies symptoms that are related to the different organs and systems in your body.  After it is reviewed, we schedule your first consultation.  We then order the appropriate blood work and other laboratory tests (like heavy metal and mineral testing), according to the outcome of the consultation.

Once we receive the results of your laboratory tests, we analyze the data and develop a custom treatment plan for you.  The plan may include dietary recommendations, vitamins, whole food and herbal supplements.  The plan may also include physical treatments, such as meridian therapy and applied kinesiology.  Your program is designed to correct any abnormalities, we may have found in your test results.

When we analyze your test results, we use two sets of ranges.  We look at the clinical range, which is the range the medical community uses.  If your values are outside of this range, then you are considered to have a diagnosable disease.  If you have high cholesterol, your medical doctor would diagnose you with hypercholesterolemia and may prescribe cholesterol lowering drugs.  If you have high blood sugar or hemoglobin A1C, then you would be diagnosed with diabetes.  We also look at the optimal range, which is narrower than the clinical range.  If your numbers are outside of this range, then it means that you may be on the way to developing a disease, which of course, we would like to prevent.  Our treatment plans are designed to move you into the optimal range and keep you there.

After you have been on the program for a certain period of time, we retest your laboratory panels.  This allows us to track your progress.  If the results show your numbers are improving, then we know that you are on the right track.  Using the retest results, we can also fine tune your treatment program.

Dr. John Phelts is a certified Professional Applied Kinesiology practitioner and a Science Based Nutrition affiliate.  He practices in New York, NY.  Visits can be in office or by phone. If you would like to learn more about how we help you return to health, gives us a call 212-286-2012.


July 08, 2019