The White House recruited a panel of nutritional experts to establish an updated set of nutritional guidlines.  In February 2015, they released their recommendation in a 570 page report, in which the removed the dietary cholesterol restriction of 300 mg./day.  Wow! I thought that I would never see the day when the federal government would actually say that there is no reason to limit cholesterol intake.  The authors stated that there is no “appreciable relationship” between consumed cholesterol and blood cholesterol.  They also mentioned that limiting dietary cholesterol does not lower LDL- the bad cholesterol.  I do not know why it took the government so long to come to this realization, escpecially since there is very little evidence, if any, that "high" cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease.  Cholesterol is essential to life.  It is used to make many of our hormones and it also makes up part of every cell membrane in the body.  In any case, you should no longer feel guilty the next time you crack open a couple of eggs.

March 20, 2015