Woman With Eczema Cured From Nut Allergies

A 30 year-old woman was put on a weight loss diet.  She asked what food she could snack on when she gets hungry.  Dr. Phelts suggested nuts.  She returned to the office two weeks later and reported that she had been miserable for the last week.  She explained that she had an eczema outbreak and doesn't know why.  She went to her dermatologist, who prescribed a topical steroid.  She reported that the cream helps to alleviate the eczema, but it wasn't going away.

Dr. Phelts suspected that the outbreak might have been due to eating nuts, which he recommended.  She reported that she had been snacking on nuts throughout her work days.  Dr. Phelts tested to see if she might be allergic to nuts.  She tested positive for cashew, almond, pecan, coconut, and flaxseed.  She was treated with Dr. Phelts' allergy protocol for two visits.  She was also given supplements to address the nut allergy and eczema.  She was advised to avoid eating all nuts.  Three weeks later, at her next visit, she reported that her eczema cleared up.   She was retested against the previous nuts that she tested positive against, and this time she tested negative. She was told that she can start eating nuts again, but in moderation.

Two weeks later she presented again with no eczema, even though she began eating nuts again.

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December 22, 2021