Emotional Applied Kinesiology

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Emotional Kinesiology is a therapeutic service offered at our clinic designed to mitigate the adverse impacts emotions can inflict on the body. It operates by leveraging the body's meridian and neurovascular systems.

In circumstances where an emotion disrupts an individual's wellbeing, the body typically processes it to restore balance. However, sometimes these emotions can become lodged within a meridian pathway or evoke negative impacts on an organ associated with a neurovascular pulse. Techniques employed in emotional kinesiology aim to dispel these blockages from the meridian pathway and neurovascular system, allowing the emotions to be released, so that healing can resume.

Some of the emotions often addressed include:

Phobias, anxieties, and fears

Unforgiveness, resentment, and anger

Sadness and shame

Moreover, emotional kinesiology uses techniques that foster healthy emotions such as gratitude, joy, forgiveness, and love.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of how emotional kinesiology treatments work, watch this video.

We believe that regardless of your current situation, happiness and joy are possible..

Please note:  This is not a psychology service.  We are not psychologists and we do not practice psychology.  This is applied kinesiology.


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